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Rycom Infrared Thermometer</h1>

Rycom Infrared Thermometer

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Discover the Ultimate in Contactless Temperature Measurement: Rycom Infrared Thermometer

Experience the future of temperature measurement with the Rycom Infrared Thermometer, powered by cutting-edge infrared technology. This non-contact thermometer enables precise and instant temperature readings from the temporal artery (TA) on the forehead, all from a safe distance of 3cm-5cm. Say goodbye to traditional thermometers with this modern, risk-free alternative. In fact, studies have shown that this method surpasses the reliability of tympanic thermometry and offers better comfort compared to rectal thermometry.

Rycom Non-Contact IR: Your Trusted Temperature Monitoring Solution

Rycom Non-Contact IR is designed to monitor the temperature of your baby without ever coming into contact with their delicate skin. Manufactured by Rycom, a reputable name in the health and wellness sector, this thermometer is your ideal companion.

Key Features:

  • Swift and Accurate: Displaying digital temperatures in just 1 second, this high-quality thermometer offers rapid results.

  • Safe for Home Use: Rest easy knowing that this infrared thermometer is both secure and user-friendly. It operates on battery power and contains no harmful mercury.

  • Simple Operation: Taking your baby's temperature is a breeze – just position the thermometer a few inches from their forehead in front of their nose. Infrared rays do the rest, ensuring a quick and touchless reading.

  • Hygienic and Germ-Free: Say goodbye to worries about cross-contamination. This non-contact device is completely germ-free and promotes overall health.

Practical Uses:

The Rycom Infrared Thermometer is versatile and suitable for all age groups, from newborns to the elderly. It offers the most accurate and speedy temperature readings within just 1 second, making it an essential tool for ensuring the well-being of your loved ones.

  • Baby Care: Ideal for monitoring your baby's temperature without interrupting their sleep or comfort.

  • Safe and Sanitary: Utilizes non-contact technology to prevent cross-infection among multiple individuals.

  • Home or School Use: Suitable for use at home, in kindergarten, or at school.

  • Multiple Temperature Measurements: Offers three types of measurements – body temperature (forehead), object surface temperature (baby milk, bottles, water), and ambient temperature (room temperature).

  • High Temperature Warning: Provides clear color-coded indicators for high fever temperatures, making it easy to identify potential health concerns.


Upgrade your temperature measurement game with the Rycom Infrared Thermometer. This advanced device ensures quick, accurate, and contactless temperature readings, making it an indispensable tool for every household. Trust in Rycom's reputation for excellence in health and wellness solutions. Say goodbye to traditional thermometers and embrace the future of temperature monitoring.

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