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Ansell Gammex PI White Synthetic Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Gammex PI White Synthetic Surgical Gloves

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Buy PI White Synthetic Surgical Glove Online

Powder-free, synthetic-polyisoprene-produced GAMMEX PI White Synthetic Surgical Glove is non-latex. All the performance characteristics of natural rubber latex can be delivered with the GAMMEx Non-Latex PI White Synthetic Surgical Gloves without a risk of natural sensitisation. These handles feature a special treatment of the surface for extra grip.

A skin friendly polyisoprene (PI) glove of next generation free of chemical accelerators which are known to cause allergies to the type IV glove. This non-latex standard glove for thickness and durability has been optimized. The ergonomically designed glove, certified by the United States, minimizes the risk of fatigue caused by gloves, especially over long, sustainable procedures.

Key Attributes:

  • Smoother and more stretchy PI glove with superior comfort than Ansell's latex gloves.
  • Smooth finish for excellent handling of instruments and grip with micro textures.
  • Free from known chemical accelerators, allergies and sensitivities to optimized allergy profile of type IV.
  • Internal coating from DERMASHIELDTM technology allows hot, wet, and intra-operational improvements to be carried out.


  • The surgical glove GAMMEX Non-Latex PI is powder free and manufactured from synthetic polyisoprene.
  • These guys have a special treatment of the surface to ensure additional grip.
  • The handle comes with the patentable SureFit technology from Ansell to prevent manguet roll-downs for superior safety.
  • This glove is a protection barrier for handling mixed bone cement products until the standard preparation and use of cations on bone cement is obsededed.
  • Packaging 1 sterile pair.
  • 50 pairs for each distributor box.
  • These gloves have a textured finish that ensures superior grip and handling without losing touch and comfort.
  • SureFit Technology prevents manguins from rolling down to provide superior security during operation rooms for surgeons, nurses and other health professionals.
  • This guide provides a protective shield for the handling of the mixed bone cement, as well as the normal preparation and the directions on the bone-cement are followed.
  • Generated with modern, ergonomic shapers to improve health and comfort, and to reduce tension and hand fatigue.

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