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Biogel PI OrthoPro Surgical Gloves</h1>

Biogel PI OrthoPro Surgical Gloves

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Buy Biogel PI OrthoPro Surgical Gloves Online

When it comes to surgical gloves, nothing beats the Biogel PI OrthoPro. These latex rubber gloves are a game-changer in the medical field, offering unparalleled protection and durability. Here's why you should consider getting them.

Superior Strength and Durability

  • The Biogel PI OrthoPro gloves are the thickest synthetic latex rubber gloves on the market, providing exceptional durability.
  • Their unique brown color not only sets them apart but also reduces the risk of blindness and enhances their durability to withstand rigorous medical procedures

High Quality Assurance

  • With an industry-leading AQL of 0.65, these gloves are designed to minimize the chance of defects.
  • All gloves undergo rigorous air inflation testing to detect any imperfections not visible to the naked eye.
Key Features:
  • Biomechanically designed for reduced hand and thumb fatigue.
  • Special Biogel surface coating for quick donning, even with damp hands.
  • Moisture-repelling properties for added comfort.
  • Beaded cuff for enhanced safety.
  • Non-latex polyisoprene material to reduce latex-related issues.
  • Biogel Puncture Indication System for 97% detection of glove perforations.
Clinical Proof

Clinical studies reveal that gloves without Biogel are 3.5 times more prone to defects than those with Biogel.

Quality Assurance

  • Each glove undergoes rigorous testing for quality and confidence, including visual inspections.
  • Industry-leading 0.65 AQL for hole-free assurance.
  • Powder-free design to avoid starch powder-related complications.
  • Low dermatitis risk due to reduced chemical additives.

Cost-Efficient Packaging

  • Each case contains 4 boxes, with 50 pairs of gloves in each box, offering increased quality with fewer gloves used.
  • Don't compromise on safety and comfort. Choose Biogel PI OrthoPro Surgical gloves for your medical needs. Order online today!


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