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Ansell GAMMEX PI Ortho Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell GAMMEX PI Ortho Surgical Gloves

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Buy Non-Latex PI Ortho Surgical Gloves Online

If you're in need of top-notch surgical gloves that offer exceptional protection without the risk of latex allergies, look no further. Our GAMMEX Non-Latex PI Ortho Surgical gloves are designed for high-risk orthopedic, trauma, and reconstructive procedures. These ultra-thick polyisoprene gloves provide the perfect combination of durability, grip control, and comfort, ensuring that both healthcare professionals and patients can trust in their performance.

Key Features of GAMMEX PI Ortho Surgical Gloves

  • Outstanding Durability: These gloves are specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of high-risk procedures, making them ideal for orthopedic, trauma, and reconstructive surgeries.
  • Latex-Free Assurance: Our gloves are crafted from polyisoprene, a latex-free material that eliminates the risk of type I latex allergies.
  • Smooth and Anti-Slip Finish: The proprietary technology of Ansell's safefit ensures a smooth anti-slip finish, allowing for secure instrument and suture handling, even when extra pressure is required.
  • Comfortable Fit: Ergonomically designed formers enhance the glove's fit and comfort, reducing hand fatigue during lengthy procedures.
  • Distinctive Green Color: The light green color of these gloves clearly indicates that they are latex-free, providing reassurance to both healthcare workers and latex-sensitive patients.
  • Extra Thickness: These gloves are approximately 50 percent thicker than standard powder-free latex surgical gloves from Ansell, ensuring exceptional protection.
  • Chemical Resistance: GAMMEX PI Ortho Surgical gloves are tested to meet ASTM D6978 standards for use with chemical medicines.
  • Gamma Sterilized: Our gloves are gamma sterilized, ensuring their safety and effectiveness for use in sterile environments.
  • Length: These gloves measure 306 mm (12 inches) in length, providing ample coverage and protection.
  • SureFit Protection: The roll-down cuff prevention technology, along with FDA approval for chemotherapy management, makes these gloves a reliable choice for various medical applications, including handling mixed bone cement.

GAMMEX Non-Latex PI Ortho Surgical gloves

In summary, GAMMEX Non-Latex PI Ortho Surgical gloves offer a combination of durability, safety, and comfort that is essential for high-risk surgical procedures. Whether you're a healthcare professional or a patient with latex allergies, these gloves provide the peace of mind you need in the operating room. Make the smart choice and buy these top-quality gloves online today.


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