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Ansell Gammex PI Micro Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Gammex PI Micro Surgical Gloves

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Ansell's Commitment to Innovative Healthcare Protection

In the ever-evolving perioperative environment, Ansell is dedicated to delivering innovative products and ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals throughout all stages - before, during, and after surgery. Recognizing the significant impact of latex and chemical allergies, Ansell has developed a range of non-latex products to maintain the natural fit and comfort that users love about GAMMEX gloves.

GAMMEX Non-Latex Products for Allergy Protection

Ansell's comprehensive lineup of GAMMEX Non-Latex products is designed to offer advanced latex-related allergy protection, safeguarding healthcare workers from chemical allergic reactions.

GAMMEX Non-Latex Pi Micro Green Surgical Gloves

Made from synthetic polyisoprene, GAMMEX Non-Latex Pi Micro Green Surgical Gloves are powder-free, providing exceptional dexterity and tactile sensitivity while offering outstanding strength and barrier protection. These gloves are particularly suited for sensitive procedures, eliminating the risk associated with natural rubber latex sensitization in ophthalmic, micro, and cardiovascular surgeries. Additionally, GAMMEX Non-Latex Pi Micro Green Surgical Gloves are compatible with undergloves, ensuring comfortable double-gloving.

Key Features:
  • Superior skin-friendliness and flexibility compared to standard PI gloves.
  • Medium to extensive PI content for enhanced comfort.
  • Free from chemical accelerators that can trigger type IV allergies.
  • Thin under gloves for added comfort when double-gloving.
  • Microtextured finish for a secure grip in single glove scenarios.
  • Easy glove recognition with their distinctive green color.
  • Ideal for high-risk procedures including orthopedic, trauma, and heart surgery.
  • Chemical accelerator-free.
  • Powder-free.
  • Micro-textured finish for smoothness.
  • Excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity, making them skin-friendly operating gloves.
  • Approximately 15 percent thinner than Ansell's regular polyisoprene surgical gloves, offering unmatched flexibility and sensitivity.
  • More stretchy and smoother than Ansell's latex gloves, ensuring superior comfort.
  • Exceptional handling and instrument grip.

Trust GAMMEX Non-Latex Pi Micro Green Surgical Gloves for a safe and reliable surgical experience. Our gloves are free from chemical accelerators known to cause allergies and sensitivities, making them the smart choice for healthcare professionals seeking top-notch protection without compromise. Buy Ansell Gammex PI Micro Surgical Gloves online today to experience the difference!

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