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Halyard Health Isolation Gown Tri-Layer AAMI Level 2</h1>

Halyard Health Isolation Gown Tri-Layer AAMI Level 2

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Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) plays a pivotal role in safeguarding both healthcare professionals and patients from the transmission of harmful pathogens such as MRSA and C. When utilized correctly, PPE serves a dual purpose, offering protection to medical staff and reducing the risk of infections within healthcare-associated environments (HAIs). Discover how Halyard Health's AAMI Level 2 Over-the-Head Isolation Gown, a three-layered solution, can provide reliable liquid barrier protection while enhancing patient safety.

Benefits of Halyard Health Isolation Gown:

  • AAMI Level 2 Protection: Our isolation gown offers AAMI-based security, ensuring effective protection against fluid exposure in healthcare settings.

  • Multiple Levels of Security: Choose from a range of AAMI-compliant robes, tailored to various procedure requirements, all at competitive prices.

  • HAIs Prevention: Halyard's AAMI insulation portfolio contributes to reducing the risk of infectious organisms' contamination and transmission, ultimately preventing HAIs.

  • Comfort and Confidence: Our Tri-Layer fabric isolation gowns provide healthcare professionals with the comfort and confidence they need to deliver top-notch patient care.

  • Fluid Impact Protection: Crafted with a breathable three-layer fabric, our AAMI Level 2 Over-the-Head Insulation Gown effectively guards against fluid impact.

  • Thumb Loops for Added Safety: Convenient thumb loops help secure gloves in place, preventing sleeves from riding up and ensuring the protection of hands and wrists.

Preventing Infections in Healthcare:

Infections related to healthcare services pose a significant risk to both patients and healthcare practitioners. To mitigate this risk, it is imperative to use fresh PPE, including protective gowns, before entering each patient's room. The ease of use and convenience of the AAMI Level 2 Over-the-Head Isolation Gown promotes PPE compliance among healthcare staff, enhancing safety for all.

Key Features:
  • AAMI Level 2 Compliance: Manufactured from medium-weight SMS material, meeting AAMI Level 2 requirements.

  • Overhead Design: Easy-to-use overhead architecture for quick gowning.

  • Thumb Loops: Elastic cuffs with thumb loops securely hold gloves in place.

  • Tri-Layer Fabric: Medium-weight tri-layer fabric for added protection.

  • Suitable for Low to Moderate Fluid Exposure: Ideal for facilities with a low to moderate risk of fluid exposure.

  • Color Options: Available in Blue and Yellow.

  • Bulk Packaging: Each bag contains 10 gowns, and each case includes 100 gowns.

Ensure the safety of both healthcare providers and patients with Halyard Health's AAMI Level 2 Over-the-Head Isolation Gown. Purchase online today to experience the highest level of protection and comfort in healthcare environments.



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