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Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilator</h1>

Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilator

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The Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilator revolutionizes transportation ventilation by combining the flexibility of a fully integrated ventilator with the compactness and robustness required for transport. This innovative device caters to patients of all ages, from infants to adults, ensuring optimal ventilation therapy during transportation.

Key Features

  • Independence from Compressed Air: The Hamilton T1 boasts an integrated high-performance turbine that eliminates the need for compressed air. This not only reduces weight but also saves energy, allowing for the safe transport of non-invasively ventilated patients over longer distances.
  • Ventilation Cockpit User Interface: Equipped with the standard Ventilation Cockpit user interface from Hamilton Medical, the T1 also features Adaptive Support Ventilation, an intelligent ventilation mode. Utilize simulation tools to explore the ventilator's interface and functions, including customizable lung mechanics for patient simulations.
  • Patient Versatility: The Hamilton T1 serves adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients with reliable and safe ventilation. For neonatal patients, a specially designed proximal flow sensor ensures accurate monitoring, with tidal volume as low as 2 ml.
  • Extended Battery Life: A single integrated and hot-swappable battery provides over 9 hours of operation. Additional hot-swap batteries can be added for indefinite battery life, ensuring uninterrupted patient care.
  • Compact and Durable Design: The T1's compact and lightweight design simplifies handling. Its waterproof housing offers protection against impacts, and the shock-resistant anti-reflective display enhances durability, making it a reliable choice for transport.

Compliance with Transport Standards

  • Emergency and Ambulance Transport: The Hamilton T1 meets the requirements for emergency ventilators (EN 794-3 and ISO 10651-3) and ambulance transport (EN 1789).
  • Aircraft and Airplanes: It also complies with standards for aircraft (EN 1789 and EN 13718-1) and airplanes (DO-160G), ensuring safe patient transport by air.

With its integrated high-performance turbine, the Hamilton T1 Transport Ventilator offers unparalleled independence from compressed air, reducing weight and increasing energy efficiency. Whether in a hospital, on land, at sea, or in the air, the T1 ensures consistent and reliable ventilation for patients during transportation. Buy the Hamilton T1 online and elevate the standard of care for your patients on the move.


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