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Ansell GAMMEX PI Micro White Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell GAMMEX PI Micro White Surgical Gloves

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Buy Non-Latex PI Micro White Surgical Gloves Online

Ansell 20685970 Gammex Non-Latex PI Micro Surgical Gloves features a special former and a very thin, high-sensitivity polyisoprene formulation which is suitable for delicate operations. This lightweight glove offers easy double handling and maintains a secure grip under dry and steaming conditions on the microtextured external fastening. Ansell healthcare provides a wide variety of surgical and test gloves, including healthcare protection tools and active infection protectives that best serve a range of needs, while at the same time protecting patients and healthcare staff. This synthetic polyisoprene thin gloves give an optimal level of sensitiveness, comfort and protection against allergies to natural rubber latex. Suitable for ophthalmological, plastic, neurological, cardiovascular and rehabilitatory procedures.

The surgical glove GAMMEX Non-Latex PI is powderless and made of organic polyisoprene. These gloves are specially treated with an extra grip on the surface. This glove features the SureFit technology of Ansell to avoid roll-downs of the handkerchief for superior safety. This handle provides a protective barrier to the handling of the product of mixed bone cement as long as standard preparation and use dire ctions on the bone cement are followed.


  • DPG-free option for latex allergy and chemical allergies healthcare workers.
  • White color, combined with GAMMEX Non-Latex PI Underglove, makes it suitable as a double gloving solution.
  • Adhesive band beaded manguets.
  • Micro textured and siliconized external surface; internal surface: siliconized and coated by pulp.
  • It has outstanding ability, tactical flexibility and excellent strength and barrier safety at the same time.
  • Ideal for delicate ophthalmic, micro, and cardiovascular procedures, without the possibility of natural sensitization of rubber latex.
  • Its micro-thickness makes double glove comfortable.
  • These gloves are specially designed to provide additional grip.
  • Polyisoprene.
  • Powder-free. 
  • With polymer cover.
  • Beaded Cuff.
  • White colour. 


  • On average, the polyisoprene surgical gloves for Ansell are 15 per cent smaller, for unparalleled flexibility and sensitivity.
  • Comfort of a non-latex glove, similar to latex.
  • Exceptional control and grip of instruments.
  • Non-latex, DPG-Free, and Chloride-free (CPC-Free) Cetylpyridine.

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