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Medical Isolation Gowns

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Buy Medical Isolation Gowns Online

In the world of healthcare, personal protective gear is essential, and medical isolation gowns play a crucial role in safeguarding healthcare professionals and patients from contamination and disease transmission. These gowns act as a protective barrier when individuals come into contact with potentially infectious liquids and solids. They are also instrumental in preventing the transmission of harmful microorganisms, especially for individuals with compromised immune systems, who might pose a risk to vulnerable patients.

Types of Medical Isolation Gowns

Medical isolation gowns go by various names in healthcare settings, including:

  • Surgical gowns
  • Isolating gowns
  • Operation isolation gowns
  • Non-operative gowns
  • Procedure gowns
  • Operating room clothing

Regulatory Standards

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies surgical gowns as Class II medical products, requiring premarket approval (510(k)). These gowns serve as protective attire, designed to shield both patients and healthcare personnel from microorganisms, bodily fluids, and particulate matter during surgical procedures. Critical safety zones are clearly defined, covering the front of the body from the neck to the knees and from the length of the neckline to the tip of the elbow, as indicated in Figure 1.

For non-surgical gowns, classified as Class I products without pre-market review, their purpose is to protect wearers against the transportation of microorganisms and body fluids, particularly in cases with low or zero risk of patient contamination. Non-operative gowns are not recommended after surgery, invasive treatments, or in situations with a medium to high risk of infection.

Key Features of Our Medical Isolation Gowns
  • Each set includes 10 blue gowns with long sleeves, elastic cuffs, and extra-long ties for secure fastening at the waist and neck.
  • Our hospital gowns are designed to be standard-sized, suitable for both men and women, and fit comfortably for adults.
  • Made from 100% latex-free and allergen-free fabric with a weight of 30 GSM, these gowns are flame-resistant polypropylene.
  • Our non-sterile disposable operating gowns are suitable for clean rooms and are FDA-approved for use in food processing.
  • These gowns are not only attractive but also lightweight and comfortable to wear. They do not cause itching and are easy to put on and change.
  • Crafted from robust, non-toxic polypropylene recyclable fabric, these gowns offer high air permeability for added protection and comfort.
  • Each hospital gown provides extensive coverage with full-length sleeves.
  • Elastic wrists and extra-long ties at the tail and neck ensure a snug and secure fit.
  • The spacious design allows for free movement, ensuring convenience during medical procedures.

When it comes to medical isolation gowns, trust our high-quality, FDA-approved products for your healthcare facility's safety and protection needs.



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