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Biogel PI Indicator Surgical Underglove</h1>

Biogel PI Indicator Surgical Underglove

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Experience superior surgical glove performance with the Molnlycke Health Care Operation Underglove Indicator Biogel PI. This blue, sterile, powder-free synthetic surgical glove can be worn either on its own or paired with any Biogel overshoot, forming the Biogel Puncture System, a cutting-edge technology that identifies up to 97% of glove punctures.

Unparalleled Comfort and Latex Sensitivity

The Biogel PI Surgical undergloves offer a level of fit, feel, and comfort comparable to natural rubber latex gloves, thanks to the molecular structure of synthetic polyisoprene closely resembling that of latex. Whether used independently or as part of the puncture indicator method, these blue undergloves are designed for easy double-donning due to their smooth surface.

Latex Allergy-Friendly

The Biogel PI Operating Underglove Indicator serves as an excellent underglove option for procedures involving patients or clinicians with latex allergies, ensuring safety without sacrificing comfort.

Key Features:
  • Specially designed smooth surface for effortless double-donning.
  • Latex sensitivities are mitigated by polyisoprene material.
  • The Biogel Puncture Indication System creates a double-glove setup with a biogel overglove and underglove, effectively detecting 97 percent of glove punctures.
  • Clinical studies demonstrate that gloves with Biogel outperform non-Biogel gloves by 3.5 times.
  • Helps prevent accidental glove punctures.
  • In the presence of blood, a blue spot indicates glove punctures in the external latex glove.
  • The unique Biogel surface coating ensures comfortable handling, even with wet hands, while maintaining skin hydration.
  • Beaded cuff for added safety.
  • Each glove undergoes rigorous quality testing and visual inspection.
  • Industry-standard 0.65 holes free AQL (Acceptable Quality Level).
  • Powder-free to eliminate complications associated with starch powder.
  • Low risk of dermatitis, reducing the potential for sensitizing chemical additives.
  • Packaging: 50 pairs per box, available in size 9 (40 pairs per box).
  • Curved finger design for improved dexterity.
  • Smooth surface allows for easy double use.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Made from Polyisoprene Synthetic.
  • Biogel Polymer Coloration.
  • Non-pyrogenic.
  • Blue pigment is non-fading.

Upgrade your surgical glove experience with Biogel PI Indicator Surgical Undergloves, designed for both performance and safety. Whether you need latex-free options or superior puncture detection, these gloves have you covered.

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