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Ansell Encore Latex Sterile Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Encore Latex Sterile Surgical Gloves

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Buy Ansell Encore Latex Superior Surgical Gloves Online

Ansell Encore Latex Superior Surgical Gloves are powder-free and textured surgical gloves for the excellent handling of instruments and for comfort. They are committed to giving the surgeons a high degree of trust, O.R. Nurses and surgical technicians looking for high-end protection, comfort and grip to ensure their best performance.


  • Unusual adhesion under the conditions dry and damp.
  • Tactile and safety maximum sensitivity.
  • Effortless dry and damp treatment and intraoperative modifications.
  • Textured finish guarantees outstanding grip on dry and damp conditions.
  • Ideal for using as a double-glove glove.
  • Ideal thickness for tactile sensitivity and protection optimisation
  • Internal coverage of DermaShield technology makes dry and damp application as well as intra-operational modifications easier.
  • The following functionality can be used for Encore Latex Textured Gloves:
  • Improved grip in wet surroundings.
  • Sustained long procedure extra comfort.

Moisture Info:

Use double gloves as an external glove.

  • DermaShield is a proprietary inside cover for quick and easy damp or dry hands, whether it is the first donation or during intra-operational changes.
  • When wet or damp hands are in contact with the hydrophilic lubricants in the coating, they facilitate the damp application and minimize a feeling of sweaty hands.
  • This coating's hydrophophobe surface minimizes friction in the surface for easy dry dressing.
  • Incorporated into the production line A.R.T Technology is a propietary technique that helps to add extra resistance by reducing potential defects that may result in pinholes later. The cover of the former handle is applied to scrub any microflaws, create a smooth finish and provide a constant density around the handle. This eliminates inconsistencies that can lead to pinholes later.
How to Use Ansell Encore Latex Gloves?
  • Inspect gloves before use for flaws and imperfections like cracks, pinholes and tears. before using. Dispose of them immediately if the gloves are ripped or punctured during use. Don't use the gloves, get a new pair if in doubt.
  • Don't turn the gloves around.
  • Even if it is thought harmless it is necessary to prevent all chemicals from being in contact with the skin.
  • Before removal, clean or wash the contaminated gloves.
  • Could not enter chemicals through the cuff.
  • The gloves are not supported by a naked flame.
  • Gloves should not be used for ionizing radiation protection nor should they be used in containment enclosures.
How to Store Ansell Encore Latex Gloves?
  • Keep away from direct sunshine; keep it dry in a cool spot.
  • Keep out of sources of ozone.
  • If they are stored correctly, as described above, then gloves do not lose their performance and will not drastically alter their features.
  • If the aging or storage of gloves can affect the expiry date of the packaging materials.

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