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Ansell Encore Acclaim Latex Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Encore Acclaim Latex Surgical Gloves

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Buy Ansell Encore Acclaim Powder-Free Surgery Gloves Online

When it comes to surgical gloves, you need a product that offers both comfort and strength. Ansell Encore Acclaim Powder-Free Surgery Gloves are designed to meet these essential requirements. Engineered with the utmost tensile strength and resistance to punctures and tears, these gloves provide top-notch protection. They feature a smooth yet sensitive and durable surgical handle, thanks to our proprietary glove formulation.


  • SureFit Technology: These gloves are beaded with the innovative SureFit technology, ensuring a secure fit during surgery.
  • Dermashield Coated Polymer: The gloves are coated with Dermashield, a polymer that enhances their performance.
  • Modest Grip: Ansell Encore Acclaim Gloves offer a modest level of grip for precise instrument handling.
  • Licensed Medication: Our gloves are made from pure, natural latex containing rubric.

Key Features:

  • Soft and Responsive: These minimally invasive gloves are soft yet robust, allowing for precise movements during surgery.
  • Slip-Resistant Surface: The unique slip-resistant external surface treatment provides excellent instrument handling and grip.
  • DERMASHIELD Technology: The internal DERMASHIELD coating allows for both dry and damp conditions and facilitates quick changes during surgery.
  • Meets Safety Standards: Our gloves adhere to ASTM D3577 and In 455 Part 1-4 Safety Requirements and maintain high-quality standards for a safe operating environment.
  • Comfortable for Lengthy Procedures: Designed to stay comfortable during lengthy procedures, these gloves offer additional comfort.
  • Chemotherapy Tested: Ansell Encore Acclaim Gloves have been rigorously tested with chemotherapy medicines.
  • Double Glove Use: They are ideal for use as an outer glove in a double-glove setting.

Ansell Encore Acclaim Powder-Free Surgery Gloves combine fitness and comfort with engineered resistance to punctures and tears. They allow healthcare professionals to perform at their best. These gloves are not only clean and soft but also robust, thanks to our unique formulation. The slip-resistant external surface treatment ensures excellent instrument handling, while the DERMASHIELD internal coating technology facilitates quick changes during surgery. They are also tested with chemotherapy medicines, ensuring their safety in various medical settings.

With their textured finish, these latex gloves offer superior grip under both wet and dry conditions. They are the ideal choice for double-glove use, providing optimal tactile sensitivity and protection. The DERMASHIELD internal coating technology makes intra-operative changes and handling in both dry and humid conditions easier.

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