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Ansell Encore MicrOptic Latex Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Encore MicrOptic Latex Surgical Gloves

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Buy Ansell Encore Latex Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves Online

When it comes to sensitive medical procedures like ophthalmic, micro, and cardiovascular treatments, precision and comfort are paramount. Ansell Encore Latex Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves are designed to meet these exacting requirements. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the features and benefits of these gloves, ensuring you make an informed choice for your medical practice.

Unmatched Sensitivity for Delicate Procedures

Ansell Encore Latex Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves are engineered for extraordinary dexterity and flexibility, making them the ideal choice for delicate surgical procedures. Whether you're performing ophthalmic, micro, or cardiothoracic surgery, these gloves provide the precision you need. Their superb power-to-thickness ratio ensures reliable barrier protection, giving you peace of mind during critical procedures.

Reduced Surgical Glare for Enhanced Visibility

The brown color of these gloves is not just for aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in reducing surgical glare. This feature is especially valuable when working under bright surgical lighting. With Ansell Encore gloves, you can maintain clear visibility, ensuring the utmost accuracy in your surgical techniques.

Additional Features:
  • Beaded with the invention of SureFit for a secure fit.
  • Level of modest strength for reliable performance.
  • Sterile and suitable for sensitive eye, micro, and cardiovascular procedures.
  • Made from natural latex gum.
  • Exceptionally thin, approximately 20% thinner than standard powder-free latex surgical gloves, offering unparalleled dexterity and sensitivity.
  • Ideal as an underglove due to its brown color.
Experience the Encore Microptic Advantage

For responsive ophthalmic, micro, and cardiovascular operations, the Encore Microptic gloves offer extraordinary skill and sensitivity while providing robust protection against barriers. Their micro-thickness allows for secure double-gloving, ensuring an additional layer of safety in critical procedures. Say goodbye to surgical glare and discomfort with Ansell Encore Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves. In conclusion, when it comes to sensitive surgical procedures, Ansell Encore Latex Micro Powder-Free Surgical Gloves stand out as the top choice. Their unmatched sensitivity, reduced glare, and advanced DERMASHIELD Technology make them the perfect companion for precise and comfortable surgical interventions. Upgrade your surgical gloves today for enhanced precision and patient care.


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