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Angel Soft PS Premium Bathroom Tissue</h1>

Angel Soft PS Premium Bathroom Tissue

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Angel Soft PS Premium Bathroom Tissue: Affordable, Sustainable, and Reliable

Looking for an affordable yet high-quality bathroom tissue solution? Look no further than Angel Soft Professional Series. We offer not only premium toilet paper rolls but also matching boxed facial tissues that are perfect for businesses, schools, and medical facilities. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of choosing Angel Soft PS for your restroom needs.

Benefits of Angel Soft PS Bathroom Tissue:

1. Affordable and Reliable:

  • Angel Soft Professional Series provides an economical choice for standard, branded toilet paper rolls.
  • With a large sheet-count per roll, the risk of run-outs and frequent roll changes is minimized.
  • Ideal for B&C schools, medical facilities, and businesses seeking a cost-effective, licensed product option.

2. Coordinated Decor:

  • The packaging of Angel Soft Premium Serie bathroom tissue seamlessly blends into various decors.
  • Enhance your brand image with matching facial tissue boxes that complement the overall aesthetic.

3. Sustainable Choice:

  • Our products are designed with sustainability in mind, containing at least 20% recycled fiber post-consumer.
  • Angel Soft PS is an environmentally responsible choice for businesses.

4. Trusted Brand:

  • Angel Soft is a trusted brand that tenants, visitors, and clients know and enjoy.
  • Our products offer quality softness, 2-fold thickness, and a designer printed emboss, making users feel at home.

5. Easy-to-Maintain Solutions:

  • We provide well-built, reliable, and easy-to-maintain solutions for various business applications, including hand washing and cleaning needs.

6. Convenient Packaging:

  • Our toilet paper rolls come in an EZ Access case, making storage and handling a breeze.
  • The generous sheet count and thoughtful product design ensure fewer run-outs and less time spent changing rolls.

7. Suitable for a Range of Settings:

  • Angel Soft PS is an excellent choice for office environments, class B and C facilities, and medical departments.
  • Elevate your company's image with this affordable branded product.


Angel Soft Professional Series offers an affordable, sustainable, and reliable solution for your bathroom tissue and facial tissue needs. Trust in the quality of Angel Soft and enjoy the benefits of cost-effectiveness, coordinated decor, and a sustainable product choice. Whether you're managing a business, school, or medical facility, Angel Soft PS is the right choice for you. Choose Angel Soft PS and experience the difference today!

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