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Ansell Cut-Resistant Glove Liners</h1>

Ansell Cut-Resistant Glove Liners

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Buy Ansell's Cut-Resistant Glove Liner Online

Looking for superior cut-resistant glove liners? Ansell's Cut-Resistant Glove Liner is your solution. Crafted from polyethylene fiber spectra, these glove liners offer a remarkable 17 times more resistance than latex gloves, providing unparalleled protection during rigorous procedures while ensuring maximum dexterity and comfort. While these glove liners are not categorized as medical devices, they are personal protective devices and do not need to be registered in the Australian therapeutic product register. Safeguard your most important asset with Ansell's Cut-Resistant Liners.


  • Cut-resistance experiments conducted by Wells Lamont, utilizing a betaTec computer and a surgical blade number 23 with 45 grams of pressure, resulted in an average cut time of 45.5 seconds.
  • It takes a substantial 621 grams of force to cut through the glove liner using a 25 mm blade.
  • Spectra material offers 17 times greater cut resistance than latex and 10 times greater cut resistance than leather.
  • We recommend using two free powdered surgical gloves in conjunction with Ansell's cut-resistant liners.


  • Ansell's cut-resistant glove liners are constructed from Spectrum polyethylene, providing superior cut resistance and robust protection.
  • Designed for procedures that prioritize dexterity and convenience.
  • Each glove cuff is equipped with a grid pattern to help users keep track of the number of washes, ensuring ongoing filament structure and added security. The size and reuse markings are color-coded and sewn inside for easy identification.
  • Each glove features a grid pattern to monitor the number of times it has been washed or re-sterilized, ensuring longevity and cost-efficiency.

Invest in Ansell's Cut-Resistant Glove Liner today to experience top-tier cut resistance and protection during your procedures while maintaining flexibility and comfort. Your safety is our priority.

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