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Ansell Extra Protection Latex Exam Gloves</h1>

Ansell Extra Protection Latex Exam Gloves

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Buy Ansell Extra Protection Latex Exam Gloves Online

Experience superior protection with Ansell Extra Protection Latex Exam Gloves. These gloves are specially designed for high-risk clinical environments, offering extra-long reinforced cuffs and thicker latex construction for enhanced safety. They are hand-specific, powderless, and made of natural rubber latex, ensuring both comfort and health for healthcare providers and professionals.

Key Features

  • Thicker Latex: These gloves are made of natural rubber latex, providing extra thickness for added protection.
  • Extended Cuff: The extended cuff offers additional wrist and forearm protection in high-risk clinical conditions.
  • Chemical Resistance: These gloves provide excellent chemical resistance, making them ideal for handling chemotherapy drugs, body fluids, and blood-transmitted pathogens.
  • Hand-Specific: Designed with ergonomic formers, these gloves offer a comfortable and snug fit for medical practitioners.
  • Comfortable Nitrile Material: The MICROFLEX 93-243 gloves feature an extra-long cuff and are made from soft and durable nitrile material, ensuring extended protection and comfort.
  • Anti-Roll Design: The gloves include long cotton cuffs to prevent roll-downs and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Textured Surface: The textured palm and finger surfaces provide a secure grip when handling instruments and glassware.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for laboratory, pharmaceutical, and food processing applications where long-duration protection is required.
  • Hygienic Packaging: These gloves are individually wrapped in polybags to prevent contamination and preserve product integrity.

Extra Protection for High-Risk Environments

When working in high-risk clinical settings or handling hazardous chemicals, Ansell Extra Protection Latex Exam Gloves provide the following benefits:

1. Enhanced Safety

  • Thicker latex construction for added security.
  • Extended cuff for wrist and forearm protection.
  • Excellent chemical resistance against chemotherapy drugs and pathogens.

2. Comfort and Fit

  • Hand-specific design for a comfortable and ergonomic fit.
  • Soft and durable nitrile material ensures comfort during extended use.
  • Anti-roll cuffs to prevent slippage and cross-contamination.

3. Versatile Applications

  • Suitable for laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food processing.
  • Textured surfaces for secure handling of instruments and glassware.
  • Choose Ansell Extra Protection Latex Exam Gloves for sustainable procedures, excellent elasticity, and reliable protection in regular and high-risk analyses. Ensure the safety and comfort of healthcare professionals in critical clinical conditions.


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