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HAMILTON-C1 Mechanical Ventilator</h1>

HAMILTON-C1 Mechanical Ventilator

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The HAMILTON-C1 mechanical ventilator is a versatile medical device that combines invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes, high-flow oxygen therapy, and exceptional mobility, all while minimizing space requirements. Whether you need it for intensive care, emergency departments, recovery units, medical treatment facilities, long-term acute care settings, or intrahospital transportation, the HAMILTON-C1 is the ideal companion for a wide range of patient groups.

Key Features:

1. Innovative Ventilation Modes:

  • The HAMILTON-C1 offers both invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes to cater to adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.
  • Neonatal patients benefit from a common proximal flow sensor with a tidal concentration frequency of 2 ml.

2. Compressed Air Independence:

  • This mechanical ventilator operates without the need for compressed air, thanks to its integrated high-performance turbine.
  • It delivers an optimizing flow rate of up to 260 l/min, even in non-invasive ventilation mode.
  • An integrated high-capacity battery ensures uninterrupted ventilation during intrahospital transportation without an external power source.

3. Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV):

  • The HAMILTON-C1 features the innovative Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) function.
  • ASV continuously adjusts respiratory parameters such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, and inspiratory period based on the patient's lung condition and tension.
  • It ensures safe and healthy breathing patterns, minimizing potentially harmful behaviors.

4. High-Flow Oxygen Treatment:

  • Optionally, the HAMILTON-C1 offers an integrated high-flow oxygen treatment mode.
  • With this feature, the ventilator provides various therapeutic options, including invasive and non-invasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen treatment.
  • You can easily switch between interfaces, making it convenient to meet your patient's specific needs.

5. Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) Modes:

  • In NIV modes, the HAMILTON-C1 functions as a demand flow system.
  • Non-invasive air modes include pressure-supported spontaneous flow-cycled breaths and pressure-controlled, time-cycled, mandatory breathing.
  • When pressure support in the NIV mode is set to zero, the ventilator operates similarly to conventional CPAP.


The HAMILTON-C1 mechanical ventilator is a cutting-edge medical device designed to provide reliable, lung-protective ventilation for patients of all ages. Its innovative features, including ASV and high-flow oxygen treatment, make it a versatile choice for a variety of clinical settings. With its compact size and independent operation, the HAMILTON-C1 ensures ease of use and mobility, making it an excellent choice for both bedside care and intrahospital transportation. Buy the HAMILTON-C1 online today to provide the best care for your ventilated patients.


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