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Ansell IsoTouch Synthetic Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell IsoTouch Synthetic Surgical Gloves

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Buy Ansell Iso Touch Synthetic Surgical Gloves Online

If you're in need of surgical gloves that provide the performance of natural rubber latex without the risk of latex sensitization, look no further than Ansell's Derma Prene IsoTouch. These powderless, synthetic polyisoprene surgical gloves offer a latex-free solution for both healthcare professionals and latex-sensitive patients.

Derma Prene IsoTouch: Latex-Free Assurance

The Derma Prene IsoTouch gloves are easily distinguishable with their light-green color, making it clear that they are latex-free. This eliminates any uncertainty and potential harm for latex-sensitive individuals. Plus, they are made of synthetic polyisoprene, ensuring the same protective characteristics as natural rubber latex without the risk of sensitization.

Enhanced Grip and Comfort

Ansell's White Surgical Glove from the IsoTouch line is not only powder-free but also specially treated to provide an extra grip on the surface. These gloves are ergonomically designed to enhance comfort, reduce stress, and alleviate fatigue during extended use.

Innovation for Allergen-Free Workplaces

Ansell remains committed to creating a safer workplace environment, free from the harmful effects of allergies. At the AORN Congress, they introduced two new synthetic surgical gloves, Diema Prene IsoTouch White and Derma Prene IsoTouch Micro White, both made from 100% organic polyisoprene. These gloves not only avoid type I allergic reactions but also aim to reduce skin irritation and enhance skin health.

Key Features
  • Dark green acrylic polyisoprene material.
  • Improved polymer coating for dry and moist hand placement.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort, reduced stress, and fatigue.
  • Latex-free synthetic polyisoprene ensures natural rubber latex performance properties.
  • Ideal for orthopedic, high-risk, and reconstructive surgeries due to their ultra-thick construction.
  • Powderless for clean and hassle-free use.
  • Polyurethane coating for added protection.
  • Beaded cuff for easy donning.
  • Sure Fit technology ensures a secure fit.
  • Smooth surface for ease of use.
  • Length: 306 mm.
  • Thickness: fingertips 0.34 mm, palm 0.32 mm, fingertips 0.26 mm.
  • Latex-free, promoting safety for all users.

Ensure the safety and comfort of both healthcare professionals and patients by choosing Ansell's Derma Prene IsoTouch synthetic surgical gloves. These gloves not only provide exceptional performance but also contribute to a latex-free and allergen-free workplace.

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