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Biogel PI Micro Surgical Gloves</h1>

Biogel PI Micro Surgical Gloves

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Buy Biogel PI Micro Surgical Gloves Online

Looking for the thinnest silicone operating gloves? Consider the Biogel PI Micro, which offers exceptional sensitivity even when double-gloving. These synthetic surgical gloves are not made from natural rubber latex, reducing the risk of latex allergies. With a comfortable, second-skin-like material, they provide a natural latex feel.

Key Features:

  1. Thinner and More Sensitive: Biogel PI Micro gloves are 20 percent thinner than regular PI gloves, ensuring superior sensitivity.
  2. Latex Allergy Protection: Since they are latex-free, these gloves are a safe choice for those concerned about latex allergies.
  3. Puncture Indication Device: Use Biogel PI Micro gloves alone or as an underglove with the Biogel Puncture Indication Device for enhanced perforation detection.
  4. Quick and Reliable Perforation Indication: The puncture indication device offers simple, quick, and broad perforation indication, minimizing the risk of glove failure (0.65 holes) post-packaging.
  5. Low Endotoxin Levels: With low endotoxin levels (< 20 EU/pair), these gloves reduce the risk of complications after surgery.
  6. Enhanced Tactile Sensitivity: Biogel PI Micro surgical gloves offer 20 percent finer tactile sensitivity compared to Biogel PI UltraTouch, making them suitable for various surgical procedures.
  7. Versatile Usage: Use them as either an underglove or an overglove, depending on your specific surgical needs.
  8. Biogel Coating: These gloves feature a special Biogel coating on the internal wall, making them easy to don even with damp hands.
  9. Skin-Friendly: The gloves are designed to be gentle on the skin, preventing moisture loss.
  10. Stability and Grip: They come with a beaded cuff for added stability and anti-slip properties.
  11. Quality Assurance: Each glove is rigorously tested for quality and visually inspected.
  12. Low Dermatitis Risk: These gloves have a reduced risk of causing dermatitis due to the absence of sensitizing chemical additives.
  13. Economical: Achieve increased quality with fewer glove changes.
  14. Packaging Options: Available in boxes of 50 pairs or 4 pairs (40 pairs for every 9 boxes).
  15. Comfortable Design: The finger-curved layout and micro-textured surface ensure a comfortable fit.
  16. Materials: Made from polyisoprene polymer with a Biogel polymer cover.
  17. Non-Pyrogenic: These gloves are non-pyrogenic, ensuring safety during surgical procedures.

Biogel PI Micro surgical gloves

In conclusion, Biogel PI Micro surgical gloves offer superior sensitivity, latex allergy protection, and reliable perforation detection. They are suitable for various surgical applications and come with a range of features designed for comfort and safety. Choose these gloves to enhance your surgical experience.

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