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Biogel Diagnostic Exam Gloves</h1>

Biogel Diagnostic Exam Gloves

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Biogel Surgical Gloves Supplier

When it comes to protecting your hands during diagnostic procedures, Biogel Diagnostic Gloves by Molnlycke are the top choice. These latex gloves are designed to keep your hands free from dehydration and irritation, thanks to their unique biogel-coated interior. With a textured surface that enhances grip in both wet and dry environments, these gloves ensure you have a secure hold on instruments. Additionally, their ergonomic, left and right hand configuration reduces manual fatigue, making them comfortable for extended use. Biogel Diagnostic Gloves also feature beaded handles, which prevent rolling back and enhance tear resistance.

Key Features of Biogel Diagnostic Gloves

  • Skin-Friendly Design: The biogel-coated interior prevents skin dehydration and irritation.
  • Enhanced Grip: The textured surface improves grip in wet and dry conditions.
  • Ergonomic Configuration: Left and right hand gloves reduce manual fatigue.
  • Beaded Handles: Beaded handles prevent rolling back and enhance tear resistance.
  • Latex Gloves: Made of natural latex, these gloves are non-sterile and powder-free.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various clinical procedures.
  • Safety Assurance: Each glove is air-inflated and visually inspected for quality.
  • Low Hole Risk: Industry-leading AQL ensures a reduced risk of holes (0.65).
  • Latex Protein Sensitization: Powder-free design minimizes the risk of latex protein sensitization.

Recommended Usage

Biogel Diagnostic Gloves are recommended for procedures that require sensitivity and fingertip power. The unique biogel surface coating makes it easy to maintain a firm grip even with damp hands.

Additional Benefits
  • Reduced Allergy Risk: Powder-free design reduces the chance of allergic reactions to latex proteins.
  • Dermatitis Risk: Low risk of dermatitis due to reduced chemical additives.
  • Packaging: Each box contains 25 pairs of gloves, with six boxes per case.
  • Design: Straight palm construction, lower and right marked, textured surface.
  • Material: Made of natural latex with a polymer biogel cover.

Choose Biogel Diagnostic Gloves for reliable protection and comfort during medical procedures. Order online today for peace of mind in clinical settings.


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