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Ansell GAMMEX Non-Latex Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell GAMMEX Non-Latex Surgical Gloves

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Buy Non Latex Surgical Gloves Online

If you're in need of high-quality non-latex surgical gloves, look no further than Ansell GAMMEX Non-Latex gloves. These gloves are not only latex-free but also free of accelerators, formerly known as DermaPrene gloves. It's crucial to differentiate between latex sensitivity and chemical sensitivity (type IV reactions), as they share similar symptoms. However, GAMMEX Non-latex surgical gloves are designed to address both risk factors, thanks to their neoprene content and latex-free composition.

Advanced Neoprene Technology

These surgical gloves are crafted from a new generation neoprene blend that mimics the properties of natural synthetic fibers while enhancing tensile and perforated protection. Here are some key features:

Chemical and Latex-Free

GAMMEX Non-Latex Working gloves are completely free of chemical accelerators and latex, eliminating the risk of Type I latex irritation and Type IV chemical allergies. The gloves feature a wide cuff for additional protection and a smooth, slip-resistant surface with a micro-textured finish to enhance grip even in wet conditions. Additionally, they are compatible with chemotherapy medicines.

Key Features:
  • Distinctive Green Color: Instantly recognizable as synthetic gloves, the green color reduces uncertainty and potential risks for both healthcare workers and patients with sensitive skin.
  • Powderless Design: These synthetic gloves offer strength, weightlessness, comfort, and superior grip without the use of powders or chemical accelerators.
  • Robust Puncture Resistance: Designed to withstand punctures, ensuring reliable protection in medical settings.
  • Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Lining: The lining makes it easy to work with dry and moist dressings, reducing the risk of electrosurgery shocks.
  • Modern Textured Finish: The gloves have a textured finish for enhanced grip, and the neoprene material provides a secure hold and increased flexibility.
  • Protein-Free: Unlike natural rubber latex gloves, these gloves are free from proteins, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Smooth and Comfortable Fit: Neoprene material offers a comfortable and secure fit while maintaining sensitivity for tactility.
  • Widened Thumb Ball: Improved comfort and reduced palm pressure for extended use.
  • Moisture Control: These gloves retain moisture, ensuring comfort during long procedures.
  • Convenient Length: With a length of 305 mm, these gloves offer a slim handle for added comfort.
  • Cuff Prints: The cuffs feature brand, size, and L and R markings for easy identification.

For safe and reliable non-latex surgical gloves that meet the highest standards, choose Ansell GAMMEX Non-Latex gloves. Ensure the protection of both healthcare professionals and patients with these top-quality gloves.

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