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Orange Nitrile Exam Gloves-NitriDerm EP</h1>

Orange Nitrile Exam Gloves-NitriDerm EP

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Buy Orange Nitrile Exam Gloves-NitriDerm EP Online

Looking for high-quality Orange Nitrile Exam Gloves? NitriDerm EP offers a versatile solution with a distinct orange color, serving as a universal warning sign suitable for various applications, including EMS, fire and police operations, hazmat activities, spills, and more. These medium-weight nitrile gloves are designed for elasticity and comfort, while providing the strength required for tough tasks. Their polymer composition allows for quick dressing, and they maintain a textured finish for an excellent grip even in moist conditions.

Key Features

  • Color: Bold Orange CAUTION.
  • Suitability: Ideal for Nitrile Orange Test EMS gloves, police activities, and fire risks.
  • Powder-free: These gloves are free from powders for a clean and comfortable experience.
  • Textured Fabric: The gloves feature a textured surface for enhanced grip.
  • Low Modulus: Designed for relaxation and smooth fitness.
  • Non-sterile: These gloves are non-sterile.
  • Multiple Sizes: Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.
  • Case Only: XXX-Large size is sold by the case.
  • Length: Each glove measures 9.5 cm in length.
  • Medium Finger Thickness: Approximately 4 thousand.
  • Pack Size: Each pack contains 100 gloves (90 for XXL and XXXL sizes).
  • Case Boxes: Sold in boxes of 10

Superior Protection

The distinctive orange color of these gloves serves as a standard warning sign and makes them perfect for EMS, fire and police applications, hazmat operations, spills, and more. Their powder-free synthetic nitrile construction ensures durability and safety. With a generous 12-inch length, these gloves offer extra protection in high-risk situations. The slightly tacky textured surface improves grip, and they come in a compact, low modulus format. They are designed for optimal safety and are also proof of opioid exposure.

Latex-Free Alternative

NitriDerm EP Nitrile test gloves offer a latex-free alternative suitable for situations involving exposure to dangerous materials or fluids. Some models even come with extended cuffs to cover wrists and lower forearms in case of spills and splatters. The textured surface and slight strip design enhance grip in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring your safety. Invest in Orange Nitrile Exam Gloves from NitriDerm EP for exceptional protection and performance in demanding situations

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