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Ansell Perry Style 42 Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Perry Style 42 Surgical Gloves

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Buy 42 Sterile Surgical Gloves Online

42 sterile surgical gloves with the original Perry Style: White natural rubber latex. For optimum tactile sensitivities, satin smooth finish. Beaded manguet. Beaded. Medex Supply can meet the needs of Disposable gloves in your facility with its absorbable dusting powder, one of the largest online medical , surgical and diagnostic catalogs available. Our vast online range of items from internationally renowned, trusted brands, including Ansell, can be found in Latex Surgical Gloves. The Perry 42 LP Latex sterile gloves, 50 pairs / bx, is an excellent option for consideration.

Features and Benefits:

  • The famous Ansell Perry 42 Surgical Gloves version is powder free.
  • Although not an FDA standard, Ansell 's premium surgical glove line is checked to ensure that viral permeation is covered. The Encore Perry Model 42 PF has been tested by ASTM F1671-97a and passed its viral penetration.
  • Inverted, perforated magnets to stop the rolling of magnets.
  • Powder-free Surgical Gloves contain 50 μg / g or less of water / extractable protein per gram of the Encore Perry Type 42.
  • Fantastic outfit for a powderless suit.
  • This handkerchief can be used as either a bottom or over-glove depending on the preference of the user.
  • Anatomically curved formerly designed by Ansell especially for natural health and less tiredness.
  • Modulus is a glove support in an extended position on the palm. Latex offers an extremely comfortable module without it being baggy or tight.
  • The thickness of these gloves is optimized to achieve the best balance between protective and tactile sensitivity, while making the most surgery comfortable.
  • Smooth anti-slip finish for safe and secure grip.


  • High-grade, high-value powder-free, smooth finished surgical glove
  • Improved polymer coating makes it easy to dry and damp-hand.
  • A smooth anti-slip finish ensures full contact sensitivity.
  • This provides approximately micrograms or less total liquid-extractable protein per gram, free of material.
  • The drug contains natural latex rubber, which can result in allergic reactions.
  • Running gloves Sterile.
  • Beaded magnet. 
  • The substance includes natural rubber latex, which can cause anaphylactic reactions including allergic reactions.
  • There was no known safe use of these gloves by latex-sensitive persons.

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