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Isolation Gown AAMI Level 3</h1>

Isolation Gown AAMI Level 3

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Buy AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gown Online: Halyard Health Protection

When it comes to ensuring protection in medical settings, AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns from Halyard Health are your go-to choice. These gowns adhere to AAMI guidelines, a widely recognized classification system for protective clothing based on liquid barrier efficiency. Offering a range of safety options, these isolation gowns are designed to provide maximum protection during medical procedures. In this guide, we'll explore the features and benefits of AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns.

Key Benefits:

  • High-Quality Protection: AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns are crafted to provide robust protection, making them suitable for various medical procedures.

  • Size Options: These gowns are available in two sizes, Standard and Large (NONLV325 medine) and Extra-Large (NONLV325XL medine), ensuring a comfortable fit for all.

  • 360-Degree Security: Featuring knitted cuffs and tight sealing seams, these gowns guard against contamination and the transmission of diseases effectively.

  • Comfort and Durability: AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns are not only protective but also comfortable and durable. They are designed for ease of wear and quick removal.

  • Secure Closure: The long tail closures with a hook and loop fastening in the back ensure a secure and balanced fit.


  • Distinctive Violet Coding: AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns are easily identifiable by their violet-coded neckband, helping to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

  • Complete Protection: To meet full infection control measures, these gowns should be used in conjunction with gloves and facial coverings (overtones).

  • Heavy-Duty Material: These gowns are constructed from inhalable, fluid-resistant material designed to withstand rigorous conditions.

  • Hygienic Design: Each gown comes with knitted cuffs, secure heat-sealed seams, and long waistbands, along with a hook and loop closure for a snug fit.

  • Size Variations: Available in two sizes to accommodate different body types.

  • Non-Returnable Product: Due to hygiene considerations, these products are not eligible for return.

  • Lilac Binding: The lilac binding on these gowns signifies their compliance with AAMI Level 3 safety requirements.

  • Gown Size: Extra-Large (XL).

  • AAMI Level: 3.

  • Fabric Type: SMS fabric for heavyweight protection.

  • Structure: SMS 3-Layer.

  • Waist Tie: Included for added security.

  • Color Options: Available in Black and Blue.

  • Origin: Proudly produced and made in the USA.

  • Quantity: Each case contains 100 Isolation Gowns.

Conclusion: When it comes to ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals and patients alike, AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns from Halyard Health are the ideal choice. With their robust construction, comfortable fit, and adherence to strict safety standards, these gowns provide the protection you can trust in critical medical settings. Order your AAMI Level 3 Isolation Gowns today to safeguard against potential risks effectively

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