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GE Healthcare Carescape R860 ICU Respirator</h1>

GE Healthcare Carescape R860 ICU Respirator

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A robust Lung Protection program approach that simplifies the use of extraordinarily advanced instruments for assessing lung volume, checkening recruitability and titrating the correct lungs for the patient CARescope R860. The ICU Ventilator is an intuitive approach.

Carescape r860 is the newest critical care ventilator in the GE Healthcare industry designed to improve ease of use with the latest generation of Lung safety clinical excellence. The GE CARESCAPE R860 represents the final outcome of a study involving extensive literary review, adjacent programs in industry and the collaboration of specialists. The input of the clinician emphasized that the fan-user relationship should be streamlined in order to ensure ventilation.

The GE CARESCAPE R860, approved for the treatment of most needy patients, separates the color coding from other fans in the fleet. Specialized ventilation systems to support neonatal patients in transition are included. Modes such as support for volume can help stop intubation and aid the spotless respiration of nCPAP that encourages babies to respire. By adapting ventilation to meet the neonates' requirements, diagnostic treatment capacity can be increased. Pending in the United States 510(k). FDA and not for sale in the United States.


  • The CARESCAPE R860 user interface represents a leap forward in the development of our touch screen. The appropriate therapeutic content and therapy controls are not found in menus intuitively arranged and readily accessible, but are at your disposal.
  • Interactive touch screen controls in trend views on the master timeline display historical data that allow you to take a glimpse of the past. It allows a deep dive in a given time to compares parameters, values and alarms. We also made alarm management simple by centralization of alarm functions and the quick discovery of a single touch of patient alarm history.
  • Via useful data, you can trustfully offer a brilliant feeling of personalized therapy to help clinical decision and realistic workspaces for each patient.


  • Flash warning.
  • Show of 15 "stroke.
  • Integrated keyboard and trim button.
  • Airway module optional (mounted on both sides) bay.
  • Inspiring security guard.
  • Locking the fan.
  • Flexible mounting support. Flexibility.
  • Both sides Train 
  • Casters for locking (locking both wheels)
  • Faster test period of 32 hours.
  • Reduction of 44% of keystroke.
  • Operating System for Windows 7.

  • panasonic
  • low vision international