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This does not mean our acceptability or constitutes the certification of our offer to sell, either by receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation. We reserve the right to accept or refuse, for any cause, your command or to supply less than what you requested from any item at any time after receipt of your order. As it comes, we will ship your stuff. There can, however, are occasions when your ordered product is out of stock that will postpone the execution of your order. 

We will keep you updated of any goods that you have ordered, which can not be delivered immediately and which are out of stock. At any time before shipment you can cancel your order. We seek to ship all items included in the order simultaneously for a multiple product order. Products not available at delivery, unless you tell us otherwise, will be shipped when they become available .

Discover and American Express Credit Cards

You will only be charged for goods found in a single shipment plus all shipping charges available. You are paid only on your order receipt at the rate indicated for shipping. For the first product(s) delivered on multiple orders of shipment the maximum charge can apply. The Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards are approved. Payment(s) can also be made by Paypal. 

There is no extra cost to make transactions using your credit card. Make sure to offer your exact billing address and telephone number (i.e. your credit card bank's address and telephone number). Falsified details will slow the order processing. On sending your order, your credit card will be charged. Upon receipt of an invoice or cashier's check, the orders must be processed. Please give up to 10 days after receipt for personal or company checks for the funds to be cleared before the order is processed. 

Until the time funds are clear or payment received, we can't guarantee the availability of a commodity. We decide to purchase payment orders. For credit Explore terms and conditions, we will authorize your organization. We are allowed to reject credit terms for entities that do not meet our credit conditions Important Rules Guidelines or exceed them. Standard terms are a total of 30 days for sales orders. We will not provide customers outside the United States with any credit terms. Global customers can make payments using bank wires, credit cards or PayPal.

Our store is designed to charge the applicable sales tax and withhold orders to the same level as our premises for delivery. Customers are solely responsible for reporting all sales or other taxes on shipments sent to other nations. All shipped goods are subject to a warranty or assurance from their supplier. The requirements for product warranties / assurance are generally in the packaging of the product. Please contact the manufacturer if a product does not work as warranted.

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