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Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator</h1>

Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator

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The Puritan Bennett 980 is a state-of-the-art full respiratory fan built to help people respire easily and securely. The Puritan Bennett 980 can be matched with the patient requirements for a thorough, effective treatment plan using the specific functionality of the ventilator. Their creative user interface has an intuitive device navigation system that is highly customized. A unique fan assurance feature is provided by the Puritan Bennett 980 fan which, in case of any device failures, will continue to supply ventilating support as near as possible to the preset environment. Advanced synchrony instruments allow clinicians to adapt the fan to the specific needs of their patients and to provide the appropriate amount of assistance over the entire breath.


  • Different respiratory ventilators provide SIMV and CPAP non-invasive.
  • Simple user interface with the ability to access the computer.
  • For optimum performance, customizable display.
  • In case of certain system failures, a fan assurance function supports continuous ventilation.
  • The integrated expiratory filter system protects both physicians and patients from food contamination.
  • Clinicians may use specialized instruments of the unit to align the ventilator to the needs of the patient and provide the necessary help for breathing.
  • Software allows spontaneous respiration and supports ventilation for the release of biphasic or airway pressures.
  • A proximal flow sensor in neonatal applications for measuring reduced flows, pressures and tidal volumes.
  • Tube compensation matches the breathing operation performed by the artificial airway correctly.
  • Standby mode prevents the ventilation and retains settings when the patient is disconnected.
  • Color touchscreen has a wide enhanced visibility font choice.
  • Several USB ports as well as an HDMI output.
  • The interface to existing EMR systems is possible with networking ability.

Safety Features:

  • In the event of certain failure of the system, the ventilator continues to provide ventilation support as close as possible to the preset configuration. The ventilation insurance system is unique to the Puritan BennettTM 980 fan and can enhance safety for air conditioning patients if certain system failures occur.
  • Standby mode stops and maintains ventilation when the patient is disconnected; automatically senses the patient when he reconnects and re-opens ventilation automatically without pressing any more buttons.
  • The breath delivery unit (BDU) contains an additional screen which provides a redundant monitoring of fan operations.

There are 2 batteries (up to 4 with a compressor) in the Bennett 980 Puritan ventilator. By having to shut down the ventilator and disrupt airflow, the battery can be modified or exchanged.

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