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Ansell Encore Latex Moisturizing Surgical Gloves</h1>

Ansell Encore Latex Moisturizing Surgical Gloves

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Buy Ansell Encore Latex Moisturizing Surgical Gloves Online

This latex moisturizes and re-hydrates the skin, keeping the skin moist and soft to maintain its natural barrier function. The Ansell's own proprietary HYDRASOFT technology, the Encore Latex moisturizing Surgical Glue. This handkerchief also provides outstanding ability, comfort and energy.


  • Contains glycerol and dimethicone for preservation of moisture and skin as moisturizing agents.
  • Ideal thickness for tactile sensitivity and protection optimisation
  • The own glove design offers a soft and durable operating glove.
  • The inner coating of DERMASHIELD technology with the integrated moisturizer allows for hot, wet and interoperable modifications.
  • Helping to maintain a warm, smooth skin.
  • Tactile and safety maximum sensitivity.
  • Soft, flexible yet durable working glove.
  • Dry and damp and intraoperative improvements are effortless to make.
  • Material: Organic latex gum.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Powder free.
  • Donning agent: polyurethane moisturizing coating.
  • Cuff style: SureFit technology, beaded manguette.
  • Terminal: Smooth.
  • Height minimum (290 mm): 11.4 in.
  • Average thickness of the fingertip: 0.21 mm.
  • Average cover thickness: 0.16 mm.

Ansell Encore Latex Micro Powder-Free Surgic Gloves provides extra sensitivity which makes it perfect for sensitive operations such as ophthalmic, micro and cardiovascular treatments. These smooth external gloves provide comfortable double handles and their brown color helps to reduce surgical glare.


  • Beaded with the invention of SureFit.

  • Dermashield technology coated polymer.
  • Level of modest strength.
  • Not approved for chemical use.
  • Is sterile. Is sterile
  • Includes natural latex gum.
  • On average , 20 percent thinner than Ansell 's standard powder free, soft-latex surgic gloves for unprecedented dexterity and sensitivity.
  • Brown contributes to a reduction in the shine of surgical lights and is suitable as an underglove.
  • Internal coating technology Dermashield facilitates intra-operative and dry or damp dressing.
  • All operations, particularly sensitive ophthalmological, micro- and cardiovascular procedures.
  • Enhanced sensitivity and dexterity to tactile damping, particularly for sensitive procedures.
  • Face tiredness avoidance.

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